Similar to creative writing, expressive writing causes the individual to look within manifesting ones deeper thoughts. However, not only is one bringing to life their vision via paper, expressive writing has no specific style; it isn’t limited like conventional writing by comma’s, punctuation marks and verbal agreements, its 100% based on the expressions of the mind and heart, sharing with oneself your inner feelings and emotions.

The workshop aims to equip our youth with the understanding of life’s pressures, obstacles, issues in society and the determination to push though. Each session learning outcomes will vary as show below in the table. Students watch a video clip on various aspects of life and situations, all relevant to daily life. From this we discuss what we have seen and then they will write on the topic of discussion, in their own words regarding their own feelings about what happened or is happening. The video may be stopped half way through to highlight a situation and then discuss, by doing so outcomes can be:

  • Greater understanding of the topic
  • Increased confidence
  • Peer to peer reasoning
  • Preparation for writing task
  • Class participation

Course Breakdown

Days Session deliverySessions Outcome
-Introduction and life feedback from participates.
- Group anticipation, e.g. what they would like to get out of it.
Group knowledge and dynamics
Classroom/ watch video and discussion/writing
- Clip on Motivation, life skills, and success
-Discussion on what we watched
- Understand the principles behind motivation, life skills and communication.
- Identify what life skills are and their importance
- identifying what success is, and what it means to be successful
3 - Clips on overcoming stress, fear of failure, determination
- Discussion on what we watched
- Understanding the difference between success and failure
- Identifying stress and how to management it
-Understanding the S.M.A.R.T principles
- Defining and understanding the principles behind determination
4- Clips on the importance of education
- Discussion on what we watched
- Understanding the importance of education
- Understanding the meaning of education
- Identifying ones strengths and weakness
5- Clips on passion, love and enjoyment
-Discussion on what we watched
- Understanding the difference between having passion for an activity/job and just doing an activity/job
- Identifying ones passion
6- Clips on dreams and aspirations
- Discussion on what we watched
- Understanding the process of steps necessary for accomplishment
- Understanding success accomplished by a process of steps, not just gained
- Understand the S.M.A.R.T principles