workshopsandprogrammesViolent tendencies and anti-social behaviorism is not the natural nature of man, although it may seem so when looking at the world around us. This cloud of illusion that is destroying our community, creating devastation as it passes is destructive to all. The reality is that there are underlying factors that need to be addressed in everyone, some more than others. Although some situations may appear similar on the surface, the core issue will differ and therefore the approach to addressing anti-social behavioural patterns and or a lack of direction regards to walking the right path should be addressed with individualism in mind.

Stephen Graham offers a variety of workshops ranging from one day to extensive periods. Stephen not only believes but also through personal experience knows that violent crime and antisocial behaviour have a detrimental effect on individuals, friends, family and the greater community. Therefore Stephen’s aim via his workshops is to tackle the psychological, physiological and emotional issues that trigger these negative actions.

Through his workshop’s Stephen aims to instill the energies that create positive change, which benefit self and others. Click to see workshop aims and objectives.

Workshops offered

  • Path to Success
  • Choose a Knife or Choose your Life
  • Gangs and Street Culture
  • Bullying and Online Safety
  • Psychological Trauma: Antisocial Behaviour & Violence
  • Who Am I?
  • Passionate, Radical or Extreme
  • Crime & Consequences
  • Social Expressions
  • Where from Here?
  • Critical Thinking and Media Literacy
  • Physical & Mental Wellbeing
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Attributes of A Strong Leader


“All trauma workshops are not created equally and this is very much the case with the trauma workshop that was delivered here at the Avenues Youth Project, by Stephen Graham.  Informative, thought-provoking engaging, Stephen’s down to earth and honest approach to young people and trauma had our members riveted and asking questions in abundance.  Will definitely be inviting Stephen back.”

Carol Archibal
The Avenues Youth Project

“New Level Academy is an alternative provision school for young people in educational crisis. They may have been excluded, or be at risk of exclusion. Some have social workers and/or YOS workers because they, or someone in their family, are involved in crime, antisocial behaviour or drug use. Most of our students find it difficult to concentrate and engage in school work.”

Jenni Hutchinson
New Level Academy

Other workshops include

  • Kick Crime Project
  • Fitness & Gym
  • Expressive Writing
  • Filmmaking Workshop
  • Film Screenings – followed by Q & A

I Am: The Project

7 sessions in this intense workshop covering crime and consequences in a very unique way. The workshop is a PowerPoint presentation based on the novel written by Stephen titled I’m a Gun. The workshop analyses the perceptions of life through the eyes of those on the streets, the many factors that lead to trauma and anti-social behaviour and its effects, street culture and violent crime on individuals, families, relationships, and communities. This workshop gives an in-depth physiological and psychological look into street culture.

Click here to watch the trailer of the 3D animation based on the book titled I’m a Gun, and to read the breakdown of the project, which consists of the book, 3D animation, and workshop; and read the outline, aims, outcomes and testimonials.

I’m a Gun: The Documentary (1hr) screening

The participants will watch the documentary, then with Stephen, they will discuss the issues currently faced and solutions. This section of the workshop is very interactive.


“His insightful documentary on the causes of violent youth crime and its solutions served as a basis for an interesting academic debate for the students who attended the event, and for members of the wider local community, the documentary stimulated discussions around appropriate interventions. Stephen’s knowledge around these issues and his personal story has been inspirational to those who attended and I would therefore strongly recommend his services to educational institutions and community groups alike.”

Dr Suzella Palmer
Lecturer in Applied Social Studies/Criminology

For more information on services offered contact: or Stephen 07946640596