Kick Crime Project

kick crime project

Kick Crime is an early intervention Kickboxing Program targeting, but not exclusive to, youths and young adults who are showing signs of misbehaving and disruptive behaviour. The program is tailored to the environment and can be delivered in schools, after school and in the community.

Kick Crime is based on non-contact Kickboxing aimed at directing young people away from crime and criminal intentions; by promoting self-confidence, positive attitude and physical wellbeing via fun, challenging and innovative methods.

Session lengths are tailored to fit your availability, and each session will consist of physical training and a short period of group dialogue.


  • Promote physical and mental wellbeing
  • Prevent young people from wanting/carrying an illegal weapon by building self-confidence
  • Promote positive attitude
  • Give young people an outlet to view their thoughts


  • Motivate young people via team-building exercises and discussions
  • Help young people to recognise, deal with and channel psychological trauma
  • Develop life skills, e.g. willingness to accept physical challenges, good listening and communication skills, ability to carry out requests by following instructions clearly and confidently, all of which are vital skills necessary in today’s society.
  • Bring young people together from different race and religious backgrounds.