I Am Project


I Am Project Outline

Directly aimed at schools, PRU’s, colleges, universities, prisons, statutory, non-statutory, public bodies and community organisations. The project is tailored to the establishment and its participants, aimed at young people, hard to reach youths as well as students studying Law, sociology and Criminology.
Note: The project consists of the documentary and workshop, but can be purchased separately. The workshop outline can be seen below.

I Am Project

Is 7 sessions, covering crime and consequences in a very unique way. The workshop is a PowerPoint presentation based on the novel written by Stephen titled I’m a Gun. The workshop analyses the perceptions of life through the eyes of those on the streets, the many factors that lead to anti-social behaviour and its affects, street culture and violent crime on individuals, families, relationships and communities. This workshop gives an in-depth physiological and psychological look into street culture.

Course Outline:

Seven sessions:

  • session 1: Intro
  • session 2: Screening of animated cartoon
  • session 3: Weapon of Choices
  • session 4: Life Choices
  • session 5: Positive & Negative Relationships
  • session 6: Environmental influences
  • session 7: Pathway for Change

Main concerns for young people

  • The increase of gangs criminal activity and violent crime in London, which indicates the rise in numbers of youth that are now heading down the destructive path.
  • The increase of gangs, criminal activity and violent crime in London, which indicates the rise in numbers of youth that are now heading down the destructive path
  • There is an increase in youths carrying weapons of offence, the true notion behind such actions needs to be understood (e.g. fear, bullying) to combat the psychology behind such actions.
  • Joint enterprise – getting caught up in negative situations even though you have not participated.
  • Youths committing violent crimes are getting younger, and this is problematic as many learn or are taught that lesser sentence is given to juveniles.
  • Youths no longer know what it is like to be a youth, as the picture portrayed through various outlets is to get rich quick or die trying.
  • Education is no longer a priority media is the main influence.


I Am workshop aims to:

  • Reduce involvement in gangs/guns and knifes
  • Increase awareness of self and responsibility
  • Improve lives, decision making and opportunities
  • Increase engagement and social interaction
  • Improve confidence
  • Visual understanding through practical role play
  • Discussion and debate with the intention of understanding the seriousness of Gun crime in today’s society, especially in the black community, and the detrimental effects it has not only on the youths but loved ones also.
  • Increase awareness and the understanding of the dangers of gun crime
  • Understand cause and effect (consequence of action)
  • Understand systemic influences (e.g. music, media, and the film industry)

Learning objectives

  • Learn why consequences are not always considered during the act of violence
  • Key trigger motives for possession of a weapon and what the outcome options will be
  • Being able to distinguish what you have control of and what is outside of your control
  • Identify the risks and consequences choices.
  • Identify the realisation and the effects of different personalities in relationships and life.
  • To understand what it is to be respected appreciated and admired
  • Recognise the insecurities that may lead to wrong decision being made
  • Understanding peoples reasons for mis-placed loyalty
  • Understanding how lack of normal interaction can lead to young people not being able to have normal life interaction to discuss their thoughts
  • Recognise the influence of the media and the psychological processing of information
  • Family breakdown, poverty lack of and mis –education. General well being
  • Understanding the barriers that may be in place when people try and change their lifestyle choices
  • Being able to recognise where there is reactive trauma and understanding how childhood trauma might affect how young people develop
  • Understanding the bigger picture and pitfalls. Implementing change through lessons learnt and effects of following the affects of behaviour

Learning outcomes

  • Improve basic reading skills
  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Responsibilities of learning
  • Self awareness Conflict resolution
  • Reduction of gang involvement
Course Breakdown
Session delivery
1: Introduction • Introduction and feedback from participants.
• Confidentiality

• Issue out book and short brief what the workshops will involve.
• Group anticipation

• Set task: Read assigned Book
• Group knowledge and dynamics

• To give reassurance for participants to talk and draw on experience and observations in group sessions and reiterate confidentiality rules
• Background on the book why it was written how it relates to the facilitator
• Individual understanding of what each participant would like to achieve from the session and to record for analysis at the feedback sessions
• Read book to be discussed for the programme and note points to be brought forward for next group session
2. Screening Show 3D Animation Movie

Brief class discussion to give deeper insight for visual learners
3. Weapon of choice• Discussion of the weapon of choice’s personality
• What relationship the users have with the weapon and reasons for possession

• Consequences that could arise from the weapon/ user relationship

• Understanding the natural, hidden and unrealistic behaviour pattern of the mind before, during and after a violent attack/committing murder.

• Understanding how a weapon influences the mind.
• Does the person understand what is in their control and what is outside their control when they take someone’s life

• Set Task
• Identify the main characteristics of the weapon when given a voice
• To understand how the main characters in the book would see their union with weapons and the perceptions they have about having a weapon
• Learn why consequences are not always considered during the act of violence

• Key trigger motives for possession of a weapon and what the outcome options will be

• What are the issues that cause low self esteem and detachment from the victim in order to carry out a violent acts
• Being able to distinguish what you have control of and what is outside of your control
4. Life Choices• Discussion on risks and life choices
• Discussion on different personalities and how their relationships can be tested when it involves loyalty
• Discuss who’s really affected by the loss of a loved ones to violence and the physical and psychological scars left behind.
• Current findings and the cause of increased Youth violence
• Critical analyse of what would make someone take matters in their own hands
• Actions that lead to violence within the book and justification of choices made to carry out life changing acts with no regard for outcome

• Set Task:

• Identify the risks and consequences choices.
• Identify the realisation and the effects of different personalities in relationships and life.
• Understanding of what the scars are when a loved one is lost through violence and the realisation that more than one life is lost and many affected.
• Learning about current statistics and reasons for the raise in fatalities
• Realisation and Identifying outcomes that stem from revenge.

• Find out what its like for youths in todays society and identify changes that could be in place to reduce youths reacting to situation

For a complete breakdown of the full  7 session plan contact Stephen via the details provided at the bottom of the page.


“His insightful documentary on the causes of violent youth crime and its solutions served as a basis for an interesting academic debate for the students who attended the event, and for members of the wider local community the documentary stimulated discussions around appropriate interventions. Stephen’s knowledge around these issues and his personal story has been inspirational to those who attended and I would therefore strongly recommend his services to educational institutions and community groups alike.”

Dr Suzella Palmer
Lecturer in Applied Social Studies/Criminology

“Brent youth and connexions service In Partnership with Stephen Graham hosted a familiar event called ‘Im a gun’ in the Stonebridge area in Brent. It engaged many young people in the community as well as parents and carers. Much positive feed back was given from the MP Dawn Butler and the leader of the council Mohammed Butt. More events like these are definitely needed and the youth services will continue to support Stephen Graham where possible.”

Chemeena Collins
Holiday Provisions Coordinator

imagun_newcover_design1-1When a gun suddenly decides to share its story, it’s time to listen. The use of street grammar and slang sets the scene in this metaphorically written crime novel based on the life of Blacka, and the violent streets of London.
The death of someone close to his heart spurs Blacka further down the criminal pathway, where violent crimes and terror are the norm. Mya is a beautiful black young female, conscious of her peoples past and focused on the future. They say opposites attract; will this attraction change the way Blacka views life, and how he lives it, or has Blacka’s love for the street’s and violent outburst become his own destruction. Written from a gun’s perspective, this book details the psychological and physical effects of the gun and its contribution to crime, murder, division, and other problematic situations which plague the black community.
The tragic incidences which occur in this novel reflect real life situations that young males and females find themselves in once drawn into the lifestyle of the streets.

Buy I’m a Gun on Amazon!

Buy I’m a Gun Educational Edition on Amazon!

Book Specs

Paperback: 116 pages
Publisher: Expressively Passionate Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1622094493
Product Dimensions: 19.8 x 12.9 x 0.7 cm


I’m a Gun is a groundbreaking documentary inspired by the book bearing the same title. It analyses and scrutinizes gun crime and the reasons behind the rise of violent crime in the black community. The content in this film highlights the connection between oppression, miseducation, the importance of self-love and how these issues are affecting our youth. Most importantly it stresses the need for change.
Future Aspirations:

Stephen is also open and interested to turn this gripping novel into a movie, and Theatre Production, let’s make it a reality. Interested in Stephen Graham’s workshop project proposal, or to transfer this book into visual contact him directly at:

Email: stephen@stephengrahamprojects.com
Number: 07946640596