Stephen Graham not only works with statutory, non-statutory, public bodies and community organisations, he also works directly with families offering his services privately. This unique approach has allowed parents, careers and guardians the opportunity to address the issues within the family and or young person before it reaches the point where local sectors as social services intervenes.

One to one active mentoring:

This service is personal and tailored to the individual’s particular needs. Having first hand experience as a once troubled youth, Stephen understands that although some situations may appear similar on the surface; the core issue will differ and therefore the approach will vary. Stephen uses different methodologies to help motivate, build trust and raise self-esteem.

Unlike conventional mentoring sessions Stephen doesn’t only sit and talk during 1-1 sessions, but believes a change of environment, social interaction and entertainment can be very therapeutic; therefore he offers a range of activities as part of his mentoring such as and not limited too:

  • Fitness (gym)  sessions
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Thai Boxing
  • Sports Specific fitness
  • Creative Writing and Poetry
  • Introduction to editing and Filmmaking (using adobe)
  • Introduction to making beats (using Logic Pro)
  • Trips and local tours

Family mentoring:

Family mentoring can be a very successful approach even when it is only the young person who is the referred client to the mentor. The family approach is consequential when more than one member has complex issues. Intensive support is then given within a confidential setting to improve the relationships between members employing different strategies according to their needs such as taking them out and promoting positive interactions and activities.

For more information on mentoring services offered contact or Stephen directly on 07946640596