Giuseppe “Joe” Funicello

“Being a professional athlete I’ve had the opportunity to work with many trainers. But Stephen Graham brings something different to the table. He brings his heart into every session. He has helped me reach a fitness point that I didn’t even know I could reach. Not only is he very skilled in his craft, but he put so much pride into the improvement and development of all his clients. He helped me surpass my fitness goals. Which have helped me be very successful in my profession! I highly recommend Stephen Graham to any athlete or professional athletic organization who want to get the most out of their athletes.”

Anthony Joshua

“Working with Stephen was not the usual hour massage where you’re on a time limit and they want you in and out. Before the massage started he took time to asses my fascia, warmed up the area he was concentrating on and worked on trigger points during the massage (flush out the lactic acid and toxins) Stephen also explained why he was working on certain areas and what areas he was working on was very professional and I can tell he is dedicated to his craft, and can work with people of different back grounds and different ages.”

Kreshnik Qato

“My name is Kreshnik Qato, i’m a professional boxer. After long periods of training I really need to relax and stretch luckily I have Stephen, the right person to do that in my boxing club. Also I have experienced with Stephen some body work sessions where we have worked on speed, strength and self-esteem. I really appreciate that we have such a valuable person working alongside with me.”

Ronald McIntosh – Sports Commentator

“Stephen clearly knows his stuff. After shuffling into his office with tightness in my lower back, I left with a spring in my step!

This was achieved through conversation, where he ascertained the nature of my complaint. He then had me perform a series of balance and mobility exercises to establish where my range of motion was limited. This was followed by massage treatment to my lower back and trigger point therapy on my hamstrings. The treatment concluded with the application of k tape to the treated areas.

He was fully engaged during each stage of the process, explaining to me what was going on and enquiring about the effects his manipulation was has having.

All in all, a most positive experience with a professional who is clearly passionate about what he does.”

Ryan Smith


“My name is Ryan Smith and I played for the then Kansas City Wizards now known as Sporting Kansas City. I had surgery in November 2011 and came back to the UK to do my rehab with Stephen Graham. He was key in my return to fitness, and did a fantastic job helping me get back on track.”

Chris Asante

My name is Chris Asante and I played for Walton Casuals FC. I had come to Stephen with a torn anterior cruciate ligament injury which has kept me out for several months. With the frustration of having such an injury, I needed to see someone who I can trust help me get back on track and boost my fitness. With Stephen I have found that right person.

Having come to him with an ACL injury before my operation, Stephen had helped me by working on a pre-rehab program which was designed to improve the strength in my leg muscles. In doing the pre-rehab program, not only had he improved the strength in my legs but also enhanced my overall body function as he also worked on other areas while focusing on proprioception, core and balance. I have found this to be of a huge benefit to me and now that I have had my operation which was in February 2013, I am greatly looking forward to working with Stephen again on a post-op rehab program. I dearly believe Stephen will improve my overall fitness in abundance and will certainly help me achieve my goals and get my career back on track.

Testimony continued…

Update on rehab progress.

“Following up the operation for my ruptured ACL, I have worked closely with Steve on carrying out a rehabilitation program. After some hard months of continuous dedication and work I have seen major improvements in the strength of the muscles surrounding my knee. Steve has also opened my eyes to the importance of having all round functional strength and balance which has further helped the stability of my knee. I would highly recommend this man to any athletes out there seeking professional advice and I’m now looking forward to building a stronger working relationship with him to maximise my full potential.”

Bilal Fawaz

“My name is BILAL FAWAZ I have boxed for Great Britain in international competitions, I have won:

1 Amateur boxing association champion for 2012
2 Box Cup tournament 2011
3 I have fought for England against Ireland and Germany and I
won both occasions.
4 Northwest title.
5 London title.

I just want to say I have had problems with my muscles and body, due to training, and with just 2 sessions I felt a lot better, Stephen is a well respected man with a great heart, and I look forward to building a strong working relationship with him.”

Tashan Adeyinka
“Stephen has had a massive impact, getting me fit and ready go back into professional football. Before I met Stephen, I picked up an injury whilst playing football abroad in Finland back in august 2013, hyper extending my big toe and doing some real damage to the joint and plantar plate, it was rested and i was chucked back into a playoff final with two cortisone injections after a few weeks which done further damage.

When I met Stephen back in england my toe was very stiff with no movement in the joint at all. I hadn’t had any physiotherapy prior to meeting Stephen, so it was always going to be a challenge to get me back to 100% fitness. After having an x-ray to rule out any bone damage, we started off by mobilizing the joint and breaking down the scar tissue in the area with deep friction massages and acupuncture. After a month of mobilizing, breaking down scar tissue, Stephen decided to work the toe even more. He moved me on, doing strengthening exercises and proprioception work gradually putting more and more weight on the toe.

After a month of strengthening while maintaining previous stuff I started to feel confident that i was on the path to reaching full fitness. As we increased training Stephen advised I can go for a run and a light kick around in the park, not doing too much too soon. Now i’m feeling fully fit and ready to go back into professional football and I owe a large majority of that to Stephen Graham.”

Evan Penglis

“My name is Evan Penglis and up till recently I was the captain of Richmond national league volleyball club. As you probably know already the dynamics of the sports severely increases the potential for injury.

I myself suffered from a chronic lower lumber (back) injury which unfortunately sidelined me for 6-8 months. During this time I was examined by doctors, physiotherapist, chiropractors and osteopaths. They all gave me a different diagnosis and all recommended different exercises/therapy for treatment. I was becoming increasingly frustrated that professionals where all providing me with different diagnosis and treatments that did not work.

Around the same time I bumped into Steve at the gym and we began conversing about our sporting backgrounds and academic prospects. I ask him to examine my injury and provide me with his diagnosis. Upon being examined Steve offered to treat me initially for a couple of sessions to see if there was any improvement. After the second/third session Steve placed K-tape on my back to relieve the strain. Five days later the pain in my back had vanished, it was only at that point that I felt relief and comfortable enough to being the stages of light exercise rehabilitation. I notice that Steve took extreme care and consideration for my problem, unlike the others who were more interested in regular costly sessions.

I have now fully recovered and can play at the standard expected of me. In addition, I have the confidence of knowing that the person who treated me done a professional and in depth evaluation to discover the cause of the injury and treat it.

Therefore, I would like this statement to reflect the excellence rehabilitation that Steve performed and would gladly recommend him as the first point of contact for sporting rehabilitation to anyone looking for treatment.”

Nic Brink
“My name is Nic Brink; I am the head of physiotherapy at Aldershot Town FC. Having Stephen Graham assist me with the first team was a pleasure. Stephen demonstrated passion and competence during his clinical placement, as he assisted me by carrying out soft tissue treatment, and exercise rehabilitation programmes. I wish Stephen all the best in his future endeavours and I know he will be successful.”

Gareth Workman

“My name is Gareth Workman physiotherapist for Staines Town FC. Stephen Graham was an assistant of mine during his final year of studying a sport rehabilitation degree. Stephen showed extreme passion and professionalism during his time at Staines Town FC, he was regarded highly by players and staff alike. Stephen assisted myself in the treatment and rehabilitation of our first team players.”

Ryan Badu 

“Throughout the years I have worked with Stephen his knowledge of Injuries and rehabilitation programmes have been fantastic. In addition to this his creative and innovative approach to fitness is a breath of fresh air.

Stephen has worked with all our players from Semi-Professionals to Young Internationals. His attention to detail and rapport with the players has enabled him to build a good working relationship and trust. I highly recommend Stephen to any athlete needing rehabilitation and professional bespoke advice.”