Group exercising is a fun and enjoyable way to get fit. Being in the presence of Stephen during his classes, is like having him as your very own personal trainer, he offers the support and motivation to will the mind and push the body beyond physiological boundaries; on the other hand it also is a great way to make new friends while achieving your fitness goals.

Stephen Graham has a bachelor of Science (BSc) in Sports Rehabilitation and possess various other health and medial qualifications to the treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries. He is also a fully qualified personal trainer, (MMA) mixed martial arts fitness instructor, and a boxing tutor and has a passion for teaching combat fitness classes.

Mix martial arts is the fastest growing combat sport in the world. MMA fitness training mimics the training methods of MMA fighters, combining the science of Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, core training and groundwork . Repeated drills of punching, kicking, sprawls, upright kicks, switch kicks, knees and elbow strikes, combined with intense bodyweight conditioning will get you fighting fit in no time.