stephengrahampictureStephen Graham is a multi-disciplinary educational service provider, and is the founder of EP Global, a company that aims to inspire and enlighten through informative films, books, workshops, health and fitness, and youth and family active mentoring. Stephen truly is a man of many talents. He has a degree in sports medicine, which he attained in 2011; and is a qualified musculoskeletal rehabilitator, personal trainer and has other various sports and health qualifications. Using his skills obtained and personal life experiences, Stephen runs various programmes and workshops, within the educational establishment, private and public sector as well as in the community.

Stephen went from not having a single GCSE to attaining qualifications, which allowed him to enter university. Whilst at university, Stephen attended many other small courses. He has worked with elite athletes and members of the public, helping to shape their lives, including one of Britain’s Olympic gold medalists just before the Olympics.

Stephen Graham has proven to himself that he can elevate beyond the hardship and struggles of life and wants the same for others. Using multiple disciplines Stephen aims to build confidence, plant the seed of self-respect, and most of all, encourage our youths and adults alike to develop an awareness that the consequences of their actions affect others as well as themselves.

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