Jenni Hutchinson - New Level Academy
“New Level Academy is an alternative provision school for young people in educational crisis. They may have been excluded, or be at risk of exclusion. Some have social workers and/or YOS workers because they, or someone in their family, are involved in crime, antisocial behaviour or drug use. Most of our students find it difficult to concentrate and engage in school work.”
Phil Thain - Future Skills Training
“We employed Stephen to deliver a 6 week film project with our young people who are referred to us from our local PRU. The group of young people we have at present are extremely challenging presenting a variety of behaviour and concentration issues that made it very difficult for us to run the sessions as we planned. However, Stephen was very adaptable, and obviously understood where the young people were coming from.”

Yvonne Williams - Potential Mentoring CIC
“As a specialist mentor, Stephen was focused on working with young people aged between 12 – 18 years, in danger of affiliating to or actively involved in gang lifestyle.”

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